Agents of SHIELD – Skye and Melinda Ship

I haven’t been writing fan fiction for a while now, but it was mostly because I’d been devoting time to my worlds instead. That said, there was a moment in the opening episode of Agents of SHIELD that has led me to believe Skye and Melinda would make a perfect relationship with some budding romance possibility going on and to prove I’m totally behind this, a scene popped up in my mind. This scene takes place when Melinda May took Skye to her van. Something that was not actually shown on-screen. (Disclaimer: Clearly I do not own these characters, otherwise it wouldn’t be a fanfic)


Skye and Melinda Scene

“So…” Skye began, letting it linger as if she wasn’t really sure what to say next. She just had to fill the current silence with anything.

Melinda kept her eyes toward the road, and added nothing to the already pregnant pause.

“…how long have you been an agent?” Skye finally asked as she adjusted position in the passenger seat of her van.

Melinda still said nothing. Her eyes didn’t even waver from the world past the windshield.

“Right. Well I guess the people in the dark suits only talk when truth serum is running through their veins.” Skye shrugged and leaned back against the headrest. She pulled a leg up and rested her elbow on it while glancing out the window.

Melinda glanced over to see the sun reflected from the window creating almost a glowing effect on Skye, that could have been blinding. The agent didn’t seem to mind though, at least until her attention shifted back to the cars around her.

Skye sighed and shifted in her seat again. She set her leg back down and turned directly to her chaperon. “I mean, I guess you suit-types have to be all silent and shifty, unless you’re a boss man like uh… Agent…” Skye rubbed her thumb like she was trying to snap her fingers as if the effect would help bring something to the forefront of her thoughts. Her head lingered to look through the windshield.

“Coulson” Melinda and Skye said in union. They both gazed at each other. Melinda with a hard face and Skye with a bit of a smirk.

Their eyes finally broke contact as Agent May turned her head back to the traffic and Skye settled back into her seat, facing forward.

“Uh, yeah… Agent Coulson.” The hacker concluded, clearly trying to get her mind back on track to where she had been going with it previously. “But, it’s not like you can’t have a conversation here. No one’s in danger of dying at this precise moment and it’s better than the silence.”

Melinda said nothing, and the car jerked a bit into a turn that forced Skye against the closest car door.

The silence wasn’t broken again until Skye added. “It’s not like I can’t look that stuff up anyway. I mean, how do you know I don’t already know it and that I’m just asking to be polite here, like you clearly aren’t.”

Agent May’s shoulders tensed and although she didn’t turn her head, she had a terse reply with a locked jaw. “Then maybe you should ask the right questions.”

Skye perked up at that, surprised really that she was actually getting any response out of the agent. “The right questions, huh?” She grinned and glanced to the agent.

“So I should build a super computer that will sit around for a few millenia thinking this stuff up.” Skye nodded to herself.

Melinda smiled, but still kept her eyes to the road. “If the only question you want is the one whose answer is 42, yes.”

The hacker’s eyes lit up and she turned her head showingly to look at the driver with some combination of shock and admiration. “I would not have taken you as a hitchhiker.”

Melinda pulled the van to a stop and gazed in the civilian’s direction. “I wouldn’t either, since I lack my towel.”

With that the Agent popped her door open and stepped out of the van, leaving Skye looking like she was about to squee with excitement, until the driver door was slammed shut.

“We’re here.” Melinda added before stepping away from the hacker’s line of sight and moving to open up the side door to the van.

Skye grinned widely, “And this is why I love surprises.”